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September 27, 2013:
Recently, Walgreens had planned to sell spit kits for genetic testing, but due to questions they chose to delay stocking the products. However, they do sell sample collection kits and swab tests for DNA Paternity Testing.


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Need To Submit A Genetic Sample

What is a spit kit?

A spit kit is the slang term for the saliva sample collection bottle that gets sent back to a genetics testing laboratory. Spit kits provide enough of a genetic sample for genomic sampling machines to build a genome profile of your DNA which can be used to predict risk factors for diseases, drug interactions, and common genetic conditions. Some Genetic Testing labs also say they can give you information on risks for Altzheimers disease or alcoholism, but the food and drug administration is unsure of whether these kits constitute medical devices which should be interpreted by doctors and medical professionals.

Spit kits are also used for ancestry testing, paternity tests, and DNA tests that show whether siblings are related and whether they are full or half brothers and sisters. Spit kit packages almost always include samples to be sent back to lab locations, but it is important to know that a legal paternity test has notarization requirements and may require you to give the sample in front of a third party for acceptance by adverse parties like lawyers.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Normally the low price is for the kit, then the genetics testing lab is going to charge you more for an analysis, which takes time using specialized equipment.